Monday Dancing

The group is now dark.  Check the facebook page for the lastest information and other places to dance.

Kolo (Round or Circle) & Folk Dancing –  Meets every Monday*  from 7:30  to 9:30  P.M. in the “Card Room” @

Dalmatian American Club  (Slav Hall)
1639 South Palos Verdes Street  (MapQuest)
San Pedro, CA 90731

*Be sure to double check on Facebook, call  (310) 832-1074 or Email Us


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3 comments on “Monday Dancing
  1. Joanne says:

    Hi, Pauline and Ed,

    I can imagine you guys are tired of running the whole show for the SPKD group all these years. You two have done a terrific job of keeping the folk dance going on the peninsula, and I for one am eternally grateful! Thank you for your labors of love, you made it so easy for us to come and relax and enjoy the dancing while you did all the work. You both deserve a well-earned rest.

    But maybe the SPKD group can still keep going under a different plan of organization. Instead of you two doing the brunt of the tasks, the members can take turns setting up and tearing down, as the old SBFD group did for years at Valmonte School and elsewhere when they were in operation. What do you think?

    Or maybe, the fee can be a little higher and we could pay someone to do the set up and teardown. Then members could sign up to do dance plans for a week’s program and be in charge of putting on the music that night. Or that day. We are getting older, and maybe it is time to continue our beloved folk dancing during the daytime hours? Or starting early enough for daylight to be available for driving back home? And on another day besides Monday? That day is overworked! ? What do you think?

    Maybe our group could get assistance from the FD Federation for teachers to conduct a lesson each meeting. Perhaps that would encourage new dancers to come more often and increase the membership numbers, and thus increase the number of volunteers to keep the show going! Without you two doing all the work each week!

    Let me know how you feel about these ruminations of mine. It is just difficult to imagine us being on the Peninsula without a folk dance group. Meanwhile, stay well and please stay in touch! BTW, how was your kolo dance performance, dinner and 90th anniversary celebration at the Dalmatian Club last weekend? Is it posted online somewhere? Please send me the link, if it is!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Gayle Hardine says:

    I understand that you are having your Christmas Party on Monday 12/21/15 at 7:30 pm at the Dalmation/American Club in San Pedro, is that correct?



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